Stuff From Days Past

- Jays acquire Fred Lewis. This is pretty awesome. Lewis is an excellent outfielder (career 10.2 UZR/150 in left, +/- feels similarly) with good on-base skills (.355 career OBP, .362 vs righties) who can steal , though he gets thrown out a tad often. I was quietly hoping the Jays could get him, though I really would have preferred (and still would prefer) Elijah Dukes or Wladimir Balentien. The Jays get Lewis for nothing (cash) and Anthopoulos continues to win me over.

- With Encarnacion day-to-day with a sore shoulder, Cito started Jeremy Reed over Randy Ruiz in his place. Cito, I'll be honest, when you had Ruiz ready in the on deck circle, ready to pinch hit last week against the Orioles, and then promptly pulled him back so that Jmac could bunt, I thought it was hilarious. You truly are the King of Assholes. But the joke is starting to get a little played out and at no point should Jeremy Reed ever start a game over anyone. Cut that shit out

- In a perfect example of process vs results, last night Overbay K'd 4times. Naturally the retards are up in arms, saying Overbay should be released blah blah blah. Of course, what none of these people will acknowledge is that Overbay got to a full count in each one of his at bats. When you consistently have 6-pitch AB's, you're going to draw a lot of walks and get on base. Last night the results were bad, but the process was excellent, which is what is important.

Overbay is nestled snugly in the top-right.

 - A.J. Pierzynski, in the ultimate dick move, faked his way on base in the middle of Ricky's Unmentionable on a pitch that missed him by about a foot. It was an incredibly bush league move and I'm blown away that the umpires just took his word for it, especially since Pierzunski is known for pulling this shit all the fucking time.

A lot of people are upset that Brandon Morrow didn't hit him in retaliation, but let's be honest: it's Brandon Morrow. Dude couldn't hit wheat in Nebraska. He was probably trying and just couldn't.

- The team evidently forced Aaron Hill on to the DL. This makes me very happy because when JP was in charge the team was more than happy to let guys play through injuries, to the detriment of the team; most notably Vernon.

- The Jays claimed 3B Shawn Bowman from the Mets. This is good since, as I mentioned when the Jays acquired Brett Wallace, after E5 and Bautista, you have to go allllllllllll the way down to Kevin Ahrens and his .215/.282/.302 line in High-A before you find another third baseman. He's supposed to be a very good defender--TotalZone has him at ~13/150--and he's supposed to have a lot of raw power. He also has a pretty even distribution in his spray chart, for whatever that's worth.

- John Buck continues to hit exactly like a somehow-less-hateable version of Rod Barajas. I bring this up only to let everyone know that, instead of taking 2 seconds to make a new one, I'm just going use the Barajas tag whenever I talk about Buck, because Buck isn't worth that kind of effort and what the fuck's the difference anyway.