Credit Where Credit Is Due

I'm critical of Cito a lot. Mostly because he always seems to do the exact opposite of the right move. Yesterday, however, he actually managed the game like an intelligent individual, as opposed to the senility-stricken octogenarian he usually resembles.

With 2 outs in the 8th inning and the bases loaded, Cito brought in Kevin Gregg for the 4-out save. This was the exact right move. Jason Frasor was in the midst of blowing up like Eyjafjallajokull (topical!) and it was the highest leverage situation of the game at that point. Despite only pitching 1.1 innings, Gregg's Winning Percentage Added was a huge .340. The rest of the team combined? .160. Props to Cito for going to the closer at the right time. I'll even ignore his other mistakes (not pinch hitting Ruiz for Lewis in the 8th, going to Downs instead of Frasor to face Bartlett in the 7th with L, S, R, L coming up after him for the 8th).

P.S. Where are all the people who were bitching about how "terrible" Gregg was when the Jays signed him? He's exactly the same guy as he always was: a good-not-great reliever who got cray unlucky on home run/fly ball rate last year. He's not as good as he's been, but he's still a good pitcher who will be worth something whenever the Jays decide to trade him, which is what they need to be worrying about right now.