Cito Says More Dumb Shit

"Let me tell you this right now," Gaston said, "Overbay is going to play against left-handers.

Why? Why do this? He had a .534 OPS against LHP last year. .540 the year before. Even in his "career" year in '06 it was only .694. Dude cannot hit lefties.

So why would I pinch-hit for him?

Because he's fucking awful at hitting lefties? You pinch hit for him last year, and he hit completely fine. And you did it with the ghost of what used the be the shell of Kevin Millar. You now have the superior-in-every-way Randy Ruiz and you won't use him? I know he's a rookie, and you have a seething hatred for those, but he's 31. He is a veteran, which you love so much, even if he's not a vet of the majors.

"We sat down and talked with Overbay," Gaston said. "[Suggesting I should pinch-hit for him] is like -- Why don't I pinch-hit for Vernon [Wells]?

Because he can hit lefties.

Why don't I pinch-hit for [Aaron] Hill?

Because he can hit lefties.

Why don't I pinch-hit for somebody like [Edwin] Encarnacion?

Because he can hit lefties.

That's what you're talking about right there

You have no idea what you're talking about.

"[Pinch -hitting] destroys guys. It's easy for you guys to say it or other people to think it, but to be with these guys every day, and every time they're looking over their shoulder, seeing if you're going to pinch hit for them, it just absolutely kills them -- unless it's understood, if it's understood from the start."

This is the stupidest fucking argument, and one Cito loves to go to. The old "baseball players have the self-confidence of a 12-year-old fat girl" argument. In Cito's mind, the psyche of the professional athlete is like Sam Jackson in Unbreakable, and getting pinch hit for or getting dropped in the order is a 30-pound cinder block to the face.

I shouldn't really need to explain why this is so dumb. If your sense of self-worth is that fragile, and you are so completely un-self aware that you don't understand when you are hurting your team by being in the game, then pick another fucking profession.

I bet a lot of you thought I was joking when I set Ruiz's over/under at 0.5. Nope.