A Bunch Of Stuff That I've Been Far Too Lazy To Post About, So I'm Going To Mash Them All Together Into One Post With No Obvious Rhyme Or Reason And Holy Shit This Title Is Getting Long

- Elijah Dukes got released. Dukes is exactly the type of guy the Jays should be attempting to acquire. He'll be entering his age 26 season, was a 5-tool top prospect not even 2 years ago, and posted 3 WAR in only half a season as recently as 2008. Sure, there was the whole spousal abuse thing a few years back, and if he ever got the urge he could probably overthrow the Canadian government with his army of illegitimate children while the Army could merely watch, powerless, but when God gifts you with the chance to acquire this kind of talent for nothing and you don't have a starting right fielder, you don't punch Him in the face (metaphorically); not that there have been any reports of him causing trouble since getting to Washington.

Plus, it could just give us a small taste of the fantastical clusterfuck that a Milton Bradley/Cito clubhouse connection could have brought.

- In the "God has a cruel sense of humour" file, Marc "The Name" Rzepczynski had his finger fractured on a comebacker the other day against the Yankees, while Brian Tallet looks like he will be healthy enough to get lit right the fuck up come the start of the season. This is, of course, leaving most Jays fans wanting to punch God right in His face (literally).

- The Jays released Joey Gathright. This is a terrible day in the short history of this baseballlog, as the "joey gathright once jumped a car (and hasn't done shit since)" label will now go horribly underused.

- Mike McCoy made the team as a utility player. Every Jays fan should be crossing their fingers and hoping that McCoy hits well enough that he's the starting shortstop by season's end.

- Cito announced that Overbay isn't going to be platooned. Overbay can't hit LHP. Randy Ruiz can hit LHP. Kevin Millar can't hit anything. He was still allowed to try 283 times last year. Cito continues to bumble around like a clueless old man while getting heaped with undeserved praise.

- Speaking of Cito, did you know he's the 14th best manager in the MLB? It's true! For reference, Manny Acta ranks 22nd.

- Speaking of Randy Ruiz, I'm officially setting the over/under for his plate appearances on the year at 0.5. I dare anyone to take the over.