A Quick Paraphrased Synopsis of the Anthopoulos Press Conference

"No comment? No, I wouldn't say that. I mean 5, 10, 600 years down the road, I might be able to actually give a comment, so I don't want to definitively give a 'no comment' right now, since, at some point in the future, that may or may not change. I mean eventually, at some point, within the next millennium (maybe, I mean who's really to say?) this team may or may not be in a position where we feel we can attempt to try and contend. Just as things currently stand, I don't really feel comfortable actually answering any questions directly. But I just want assure you all that we are working hard to get to a point where I can actually do things like 'reference players by name' or 'not just speak in vague generic sports cliches'. Eventually."

Thanks, Alex. Way to give us something to look forward to.