The Maiden Post

It takes a certain kind of man to start a sports blog right at the beginning of an offseason. Some people might call this man "brave". Others may find him "curious". Most would consider him to be "retarded". That last group is definitely the most correct.

Why did I decide to start this blog at the absolute worst possible time? Well, the Toronto Blue Jays have a brand-spanking-new General Manager and his first order of business (the bringing back of Cito Gaston (more on this in a later post)) was already the exact wrong one! If Anthopolous is going to drive me to insanity with doing a terrible job (I already have no faith in him), I figured I might as well have my feelings on his tenure written down hear, so my future psychiatrist can easily follow my descent into madness.

Most of my posts will be on the Toronto Blue Jays, but I'll still be commenting on the doings of other teams because I'm a baseball fan first and foremost. I'll try to keep things interesting with my personal brand of "humour" (not humour, but "humour") so as to distract any readers (readers? what readers?) from my extraordinarily boring and poorly formatted prose. Also, I'm a big fan of parentheticals (could you tell?) and if you don't like it, well, too fucking bad!

Post on Cito to get this shitshow underway later tonight.