I Miss Arnsberg Already

So, it's official, the Jays have acquired Brandon Morrow from the Seattle Mariners. There's isn't a ton to say about this trade, honestly. The most interesting part of the entire trade were the hilarious thoughts from Mariners fans that they would be getting Brett Wallace or Zach Stewart as the unnamed prospect.

Listen guys, as it stands right now, Brandon League is a (much) better pitcher than Morrow. The only reason this trade included a prospect was because Morrow is a starter and can pitch a higher number of (lower quality) innings. The prospect was only going to cover the innings gap, because a 25 year old injury-prone pitcher with a walk rate pushing 6 and a WHIP close to 1.5 over 3 different seasons doesn't have a ton of trade value, no matter the upside. The unnamed prospect ended up being [Y/J]ohermyn Chavez, which is honestly more than I thought they would get (I was guessing Brad Mills).

This trade makes sense for both teams. The M's are currently trying to win the AL West and are currently about even with the Angels in terms of talent. They need every marginal win they can get and they can't afford to go into next season relying on Brandon Morrow to magically learn how to be a good pitcher. They minimize downside by adding 60-ish innings of League and get a prospect for 5 years down the road. It also helps that League fits the M's team better than Morrow. The Mariners are built around defense, and League's groundballing ways and decent control play better to that kind of team than the Three True Outcomes bonanza that is Morrow.

The Jays, on the other hand, are in a rebuilding phase and need to be trading for guys like Morrow who might maybe somehow possibly be able to get his BB/9 under 4.5 one and become the Jays' version of a younger right-handed Oliver Perez. Of course, the odds of this happening aren't good, and with Brad Arnsberg now coaching for the Astros, there really isn't much hope to latch on to.

Watching Morrow walk the universe in 2010 isn't going to be fun, but it's exactly what the Jays need to be doing right now.